Becky Parrish is a still life artist from Amissville, VA.

Having been a self-employed artist since 1988, Becky Parrish has developed and honed her considerable skills as an artist. She graduated with a BA from George Mason University, and a MFA from George Washington University. Through the years, she pursued her art by taking painting workshops and art studio course as well. Becky also worked as the Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Lord Fairfax Community College.

Her use of exciting color contrasts and a deft use of light and shadow identify her work. In the past, she often assisted other artists, who were commissioned to do large murals, by painting in the people’s faces with accuracy and skill. Subsequently, she branched out into portraiture, as well as continuing to paint other types of scenes. Her portraits capture an individual’s spirit, rather than presenting a hard-edged photographic reproduction, while her still life works are each strikingly different.

Becky's work can be seen in several galleries across the eastern US.  She is the recipient of several awards and fellowships for her work, including the prestigious Morris Louis Fellowship.

"My paintings are abstract, regardless of their representative nature.  Whether setting up a still life, or positioning a figure in a portrait, the objective in the paintings is to create an integrated whole.  Conjunction of form is  inherent to painting.  Conjunction of form refers to many important qualities, i.e. color theme, density of space, overlapping of objects and shadows, paint manipulation (scraping, repainting, scraping again and using a palatte knife to build up areas where texture is desired) and the reworking of borders and edges.   I choose still life as an artform, because it allows me to contol all of the above-mentioned elements. Still life in general, is limited in depth and space, therefore, it is a challenge when developing an arrangement to try and capture that multi-layered sense space on the two dimensional surface of the canvas."




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