Lotta Helleberg is a Swedish-born artist based in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more than a decade, Helleberg has experimented with textile printmaking, and more recently has focused on eco-printing, relief processes, and local plant-based dyes to render works that both document and celebrate her immediate surroundings. Her unconventional wall and book works have been featured in dozens of solo and group exhibitions across the Mid-Atlantic region, as well as in Oregon, New York, and Canada.

"Ordinary, insignificant, and sometimes unwanted plants are the focus of my current work. The intimate book form enables close examination of fragments and details, easily lost in the hustle of daily life.

Motifs and images are directly derived from nature, either from botanical contact prints, relief processes, or digital captures. These impressions are combined with additional markings, colors, and lines, making each piece a documentation of a specific plant or place at a moment in time. Stitching often appears throughout, adding texture and unifying passages—creating a sense of care and patience that asks one to slow down and take notice.

My art embraces natural materials and a commitment to leaving behind minimal waste and toxicity, paying homage to the natural world in both form and content. Most of all, I want to instill an appreciation of the environment we have near. By discovering the beauty around us I am hopeful that we will find it easier to appreciate—and want to protect—the environment as a whole."

- Lotta Helleberg