Artist Statement | Looking

It’s about finding something powerful and unexpected in nothing. One who can truly see can extract a personal moment. This is a confluence of unique visual moments. Looking is as much about what is not there as it is about the truth. The connection with a subject most be steady and unwavering. Like the practice of a monk tracings inhalations and exhalations. It’s as if time slows down and you feel your eyes and you taste the light. You become closer to knowing yourself and what you are. It’s an affirmation of something basically human, something that is almost lost at a time when we celebrate grotesque spectacles and ignore the poets. Something we need in a time of absolute uncertainty.


Paul Manlove (b. 1978, Harrisburg) received a B.F.A. from Millersville University (2001) and an M.F.A. from Brooklyn College, N.Y. (2004). In addition to his current teaching position at Penn State Harrisburg, Manlove has held visiting and full-time faculty appointments at a number of American colleges and universities including Brooklyn College, Millersville University, and Elizabethtown College. Manlove has also received the Charles G. Shaw Painting Award from Brooklyn College (2003) and a teaching fellowship at Brooklyn College under William T. William’s (2002). Manlove debuted his work in NYC in 2002, and has shown nationally in California, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Virginia, New York and Connecticut.

Assistant Professor
Penn State Harrisburg

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