Andrew N. Morgan’s photography career began when he was appointed Ship’s Photographer while serving in the United States Navy aboard the USS Guardian. Post-enlistment, his work developed into an art and has been cultivated into what he views as an extension of himself.

Working mainly in film, his photography has evolved into a vehicle through which he shares his view of the world with others.  Andrew’s goal is to capture what he sees and not necessarily what is actually present. The end result is the creation of dream-like images through which others may see into his mind’s eye. Often drawn to textures, contour lines, shapes and ratios, Andrew’s final images, heavily saturated and steeped with contrast, explore combined concepts of solitude, sadness, loneliness, abandonment, peacefulness, desire, and death and are intended to evoke personal contemplation from the viewer.

Influenced by his study of biology, along with a love of the outdoors and a fascination with what many may consider junk, Andrew transforms his images into works of art by casting life into them — capturing light, rich colors and atmospheric conditions.  Subjects include abandoned homes, agricultural buildings, open farm land throughout rural Virginia, and, yes, junkyards. In this collection, “Forsaken,” he captures nature's effects on once-prized possessions, automobiles.

A native of Binghamton, New York, Andrew holds a BS in Biology from Mary Washington College and currently lives in Culpeper, Virginia. His work has been shown in galleries in Manhattan, Scottsdale and throughout Virginia.