"I travel to remote places where the hand of man cannot be seen and where immersion in the felt experience of the landscape is possible; places of silence and mystery.

The actual view, usually reached on foot,  serves as a catalyst triggering a deep recognition that is personal and emotional.  The powerful beauty of the natural world is a potent source of meaning.  The true subject of the work is how these places make us think and feel, regardless of our direct experience.

We sense the primal nature of rock, the obduracy of a mountain. We feel the unspooling of time in an obscuring veil of fog.  We are awed by starkness and immensity. The drive to give physical form to these experiences and to be able to share them is what motivates my work."

Freya Grand was born and raised in the Midwest and earned a degree in Painting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Her works have previously earned recognition in galleries and regional museums in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Santa Fe, Chicago and  Minneapolis.  Her most recent museum exhibition was a solo show at the National Museum of Women in the Arts titled Freya Grand: Minding the Landscape.

Freya lives in DC and works out of her studio in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.