"2 Mile Overlook" by Kevin H. Adams

   "2 Mile Overlook" by Kevin H. Adams

"I feel as though i have just finished a painting marathon! I started 40 paintings in less then two weeks. Two weeks, painting from sunrise to sunset, with rain only causing me to pause, not stop. I knew that the more I painted and saw today, the richer and more true tomorrow's paintings would be. Being able to invite others to paint with me was both inspiring and satisfying. I loved offering others a taste of what I had been given with this Residency.  I kept an eye out for rattle snakes, and now realize that I got used to the perspective of looking down (from the Park) at the rest of Virginia. I look forward to sharing the finished work in the future.”

In 2017 Kevin H. Adams was selected to take part in Shenandoah National Park's Artist in Residence Program, a one week sojourn into the mountains in Western Virginia.

Gay Street Gallery is pleased to announce the artist's solo exhibition featuring paintings that began on location in Shenandoah National Park while on summer residency in 2017.

The artist will unveil this body of work and present one piece to the Superintendent of Shenandoah National Park for the Park's permanent collection.

The Gallery will donate 20% of the sales price to the Shenandoah National Park Trust for all of Kevin's paintings sold on January 20.

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